Sunfire Elixir

Sunfire Elixir

The Ultimate Alchemy of Herbs & Spices

Always, the best things in life are those which have been developed with great attention to detail, devotion to constant improvement, and with the well-being of others in mind. Such is Sunfire Elixir.

Originally an Amish recipe for a spicy tonic, this blend of medicinal herbs is the result of over 30 years of testing, research, observation, and non-stop improvement. Even though the contents of this bottle are now "completed", the formula is always being analyzed for any possible improvements that can be integrated into this awesome mixture.

Sunfire Elixir is not a tonic for any specific ailment or bodily function. Rather, it is the culinary embodiment of the well known phrase: "Variety is the spice of life." With more than 100 ingredients, Sunfire Elixir provides a health boost for everyone.


Proprietary blend includes:

Cilantro, juniper berry, cascara sagrada bark, barberry bark, cayenne, garlic, lobelia, red raspberry, turkey rhubarb, fennel, goldenseal rt., chlorella, spirulina, alfalfa, elderberry, pure olive leaf tincture, black walnut (bud, hull, twig, leaf), parsley, hydrangea rt., gravel rt., ginger, uvi versi, wildcherry, golden rod, yellow dock, white oak, mullein, cedar berry, grape seed, black berry, oregano, + more than 70 additional ingredients (proprietary)

* All ingredients are wildcrafted or organically grown


Sunfire Elixir, 2oz

Sunfire Elixir, 2 oz. bottle

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Sunfire Elixir, 8oz

Sunfire Elixir, 8 oz. bottle

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